Active Clinical Trials

February 28, 2020

Now Enrolling: EA2185 to Compare the Clinical Impact of Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance Programs

This trial is comparing two common surveillance methods in people with at least one non-cancerous cyst in the pancreas, to measure which one leads to better outcomes. The study may also uncover findings that could predict the behavior of these cysts.
February 28, 2020

Trial Spotlight: Nabil Saba on Study EA3161 for HPV Positive Head and Neck Cancer

This trial is evaluating maintenance nivolumab versus observation following intensity-modulated radiation therapy and cisplatin
January 13, 2020

Now Enrolling: EA2182 / DECREASE for Early-Stage Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Lower chemoradiation doses may effectively treat early­ stage anal cancer while improving quality of life
January 13, 2020

Now Enrolling: EAZ171 Trial to Lessen Neuropathy in African American Breast Cancer Patients

January 13, 2020

NCI-MATCH (EAY131) Trial Update

A series of changes were recently incorporated in Addendum #24
November 1, 2019

Now Enrolling: EA4181 Trial For Mantle Cell Lymphoma

This new trial seeks to define the optimal upfront treatment for an aggressive form of lymphoma