Precision medicine

April 15, 2022

From the Co-Chairs, April 2022

Congress creates a new health care research agency; NCI-MATCH continues to offer treatment options; ECOG-ACRIN plans for first in-person Group Meeting since 2019
April 15, 2022

Now Enrolling: ECOG-ACRIN Opens a New NCI-MATCH Treatment Arm for dMMR and LAG-3-Positive Cancers as it Continues to Locate Patients with BRAF Mutations

The ground-breaking NCI-MATCH precision medicine cancer trial continues to offer treatment opportunities for adult patients with relapsed, refractory cancers. Lead investigators Nilo Azad, MD, and April Salama, MD, discuss Arms Z1M and H.
April 15, 2022

NCI-MATCH: The Blueprint for Future Precision Medicine Trials

In an enormous undertaking, ECOG-ACRIN and the NCI have built the knowledge base and infrastructure for future precision medicine trials. The new Genomics Subcommittee is offering expertise moving forward.
February 24, 2022

Trial Results: Copanlisib in Patients with PIK3CA-Mutated Tumors

The first published results of a platform trial of PIK3CA mutations across multiple tumor types appear in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The data are from the NCI-MATCH precision medicine trial.
December 22, 2021

From the Co-Chairs, December 2021

The co-chairs reflect on key 2021 accomplishments, and share their thanks and best wishes for a happy New Year
December 22, 2021

ECOG-ACRIN Establishes Genomics Subcommittee

The purpose of this new subcommittee, led by Kristen Spencer, DO, MPH, is to develop molecularly-informed concepts—particularly combination concepts
September 30, 2021

NCI-MATCH Eliminates the Need for a Formal Referral Letter from the Laboratories

Removing one of several steps will help speed the process for identifying patients who may be eligible to enroll for treatment in NCI-MATCH
July 7, 2021

Trial Updates: TMIST Enrollment Hits 50,000; NCI-MATCH News; Recent Research Results

Recent ECOG-ACRIN trial updates and results
May 28, 2021

From the Co-Chairs, May 2021

Virtual Spring 2021 Group Meeting generates record attendance; screening and genomic trials return to full activity
April 27, 2021

Trial Spotlight: Search for patients intensifies with the opening of a new NCI-MATCH treatment arm

In this interview, Dr. Peter O'Dwyer urges physicians, sites, and testing laboratories to redouble efforts to locate patients for 12 open arms
January 25, 2021

Joe Sparano: Refining Individual Risk in Breast Cancer

Dr. Sparano discusses the scientific and statistical collaboration behind a new tool, RSClin™, which integrates clinical–pathological and genomic risk information to guide adjuvant chemotherapy in node-negative breast cancer
October 19, 2020

Trial Results: Genomic study of 6000 NCI-MATCH cancer patients leads to new clinical trial benchmarks

The Journal of Clinical Oncology published new data from the NCI-MATCH precision medicine cancer trial that has broad relevance in medicine and provides a roadmap for future precision medicine trials